[un]wired fantasies (2014, revised 2015) 6:30; live laptop performance (max/msp)

Thrown Glass (2013, revised 2014) 6,40: live laptop performance (max/msp)

Bent Metal (2007 – 08) 9,00: live laptop performance (max/msp).

Survey (2003, rev. 2004) 7,45: Digital video and audio (5.1 surround), created in collaboration with John Fillwalk.

Interludes (2002) 8′: Digital video and audio, in collaboration with John Fillwalk. Winner of an Honorable Mention in the 31st Bourges International Competition of Electro-Acoustic Music and Sound Art (2004).

Dynamic Couplings (2007) 9,45: bassoon and computer (max/msp). Premiered at the 2007 International Double Reed Society conference in Ithaca, New York.

workspace no. 1 (2006) 11,00: live laptop performance (max/msp), in collaboration with Jesse Allison. [ audio ]

Hypothetical Universities (2005) 60,00: A networked collaboration with video artists Hans Breder (Iowa), Ted Perry (NY) and John Fillwalk (Indiana), author Herman Rapaport (Denmark), and media artist Bernadette Buckley (UK).

Blood Relations (2002): Incidental music and sound design (digital audio) for BSU stage production.

Sometimes when I’m awake (1999) 8,40: digital audio. [ notes-sometimes ]

Interrupted Dances (1989) 8,45: digital audio.

In Time (1987) 5,25: clarinet and digital audio.

chamber music

Spur (1999) 8,00: trumpet ensemble. Commissioned by the University of Richmond Trumpet Ensemble for premiere at the 1999 International Trumpet Guild conference.

Surface Inventions (1994) 13,00: piano solo. Released by Capstone records, Dan Koppelman performing. [ notes-si : audio-third invention ]

Of Spring (1993) 11,00: soprano and piano, with texts by ee cummings.

G-R-K (1992) 11,10: flute and string trio. Released by New Albany, with Betsy Cuffel on flute. [ audio-excerpt ]

from this moment (1990) 7,30: string quartet. [ audio ]

Polstertanz (1987) 3,00: solo violin. [ audio ]


Concerto for Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra (1997) 25,00: doctoral dissertation


[un]wired (2006): interactive audio and video installation that creates a wi-fi network hotspot, and responds to network usage. Created in collaboration with John Fillwalk and Jesse Allison. Commissioned by Ball State University. [ notes-unwired ]

Stand (2004): interactive audio and video installation, commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art.

audio fragment