a great trip to the jax

I opened up this concert year with a trip down to the inaugural Root Signals Electronic Music Festival, at Jacksonville University. The wonderful Michael James Olson (a former student) and John Thompson hosted. I got a chance to perform Thrown Glass in concert, and then break out a premiere performance as an ambient duo with Olson in their campus pub. Our fledging duo might still need a name. The ambient music band name generator came up with Cloudwave. Maybe we need some suggestions before our next gig at the Electro-Acoustic Barn Dance.

It was great to see the support Michael received from his colleagues at JU! So many faculty were there for every concert.

And John Thompson brought his students from his MM program at Georgia Southern to provide excellent tech support throughout the festival. A few pics got snapped along the way – lots of fun!

Sound checking Thrown Glass. (click for larger versions)


And with Michael performing our ambient wonders at the Riverhouse.


Photos by Jason Bolte and Jim Rhinehart.